All The Pretty Colors

All The Pretty Colors

As I watch the Aspen leaves change later this year due to a ton of rain; I can't help but wish it would stay around longer than it does.  I have been surprised that its so late of a Fall and the we have only had a small dusting of snow on the peaks.  

As I prep the store for Fall clothing and shoes it makes me so excited.  It's my favorite season for fashion and this year is for some change that I actually am liking.  

We all love black and find it to be our go to for clothing but this year Chocolate Brown is the new black and I am obsessed.  Why?  Well I just think it's refreshing to see it come into play and makes if feel like Fall.  It truly is a great color!  We have it coming in denim, sweaters, jackets and corduroy pants.  Its mixed in with other colorful patterns and just looks great with denim.  

While Chocolate Brown is the trending color for fall fashion so are bright rich colors.  The Ulysses Sweater (in photo) did not last long once we put it in the store.  Women couldn't get over the bright rich colors and soft texture of this sweater.  We are currently working on getting more in; so stay tuned. 

Paired with the Ulysses Sweater is one of my personal favorite pair of denim.  The Fiona Super High Rise Wide Leg Denim by Dear John.  Wow the fit and comfort is amazing.  I have been obsessed with wearing mine so far this Fall.  These high rise denim have a little more stretch which adds so much more comfort. Hurry we have only a few left!

Not only will you find fun colored sweaters and tops but don't forget the jackets as well.  Whether it is a quilted jacket or plaid shacket the colors this year are adding a pop to any pair of denim.  They are making a statement and we love what they are saying!

Come shop our new F/W collection in store with us today.  See what you love online and want it?  No worries just click on our Chat link online or call the store.  Happy Fall Shopping and remember shop small.

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