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All The Pretty Colors

As I watch the Aspen leaves change later this year due to a ton of rain; I can't help but wish it would stay around longer than it does.  I have been surprised that its so late of a Fall and the we have only had a small dusting of snow on the peaks.  

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Spring and Summer 2019 Color Palette
There are also a great deal of animal prints mixed with natural elements.You can mix and match solids with prints, or even coordinate different prints in one outfit. Snake skin and animal prints are very popular on wedges, espadrilles, and sandals, too. 
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I Have A Serious Love Affair With STRIPES
This season you will notice that most stripes can be found in more earth tones and muted tones on a beautiful linen style fabric. Striped linen can be seen in jumpsuit and skirt designs more than ever before. Shop online today for your favorite stripe pattern.
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