Spring and Summer 2019 Color Palette

Spring and Summer 2019 Color Palette
Fashion week highlighted the 2019 Spring/Summer color palette, and WE LOVE! These are colors that we can get excited about all year round.
summer color palette 2019

Look out for rich earth tones, neutrals, & small pops of pastels all contrasted by vibrant tropical colors including turmeric, mango, moss, coral & fiesta red. 

Animal Prints on Clothing and Shoes

There are also a great deal of animal prints mixed with natural elements.You can mix and match solids with prints, or even coordinate different prints in one outfit. 

Snake skin and animal prints are very popular on wedges, espadrilles, and sandals, too. Take advantage of these fun trends for some creative styles and outfits.

The best part is that these colors are already on trend for Autumn & Winter 2019. 

Pro Tip For Styling

We suggest that you buy pieces in this color palette that are transitional NOW. You will get the most use out of them and be able to enjoy them for several months. We love styling our Spring & Summer clothes to bring us into Autumn & Winter. You can always layer up lightweight sweaters, long dresses, jumpsuits, and overalls in the colder seasons or for cooler evenings. 

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