Jumpsuits and Overalls Are Still In Style

Jumpsuits and Overalls Are Still In Style

The good ole jumpsuits and overalls are still around! 

The joy of a jumpsuit is how easy they are to wear. They feel just like a dress, but much more comfortable. Overalls are evolving to being more than just a country or casual tee worn under it look. They look amazing with a blouse or chunky sweater or with vans or high heels.

Easy to Find a Jumpsuit or Pair of Overalls That Fit

I hear customers say that they have a hard time finding a pair that fits them just right, but because they have been around for several years now, there are more fit options. So, yes you ladies can find a jumpsuit or pair of overalls that will work for you! 

Spring Patterns

This spring there are jumpsuits and overalls in beautiful chambray, leopard prints, and stripes which make it a little difficult to choose. We are seeing the more fitted look with shorter lengths and wider legs which pair perfectly with a flat strap sandal or dressed with a wedge.

So, grab as many different styles of jumpsuits and head to the fitting room because you're sure to find one that will work with your body type!

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