I Have A Serious Love Affair With STRIPES

I Have A Serious Love Affair With STRIPES

Each year brings new pattern trends, and this year we are seeing the powerful move of STRIPES!  I love a great striped tee shirt, so to see this spilling over into dresses, jumpsuits and more makes me one happy girl!

striped dress off the shoulder

This season you will notice that most stripes can be found in more earth tones and muted tones on a beautiful linen-style fabric. Striped linen can be seen in jumpsuit and skirt designs more than ever before. You will notice that most of these looks have great button detail and a more retro fashion vibe. I am obsessed with this look and hope you add as many stripes to your spring wardrobe this year.

striped spaghetti strap tank ruffles

How To Wear Stripes

How to wear stripes can be tricky, and we all know that horizontal stripes aren't always the most flattering. No worries, most stripe patterns have been found vertical, making a more slimming look for tops or bottoms. Ultimately, you'll want to find a stripe pattern that flatters your style and body shape.

white beach pants stripes

Shop Striped Dresses Online

We have a large variety of striped dresses in stock this spring and summer and are confident you can find just the right style for your occasion.

summer dress stripes pastel

summer dress stripes

striped dress buttons

Stripes for Fall Outfits

What is great about a striped jumpsuit or skirt is that you can carry this look into fall.  Simply throw on a denim jacket or cardigan! Seriously, it's that simple. As it gets warmer, ditch the denim jacket and throw on a wedged espadrille for a perfect spring time look.

skirt stripes buttons


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